Interview with Hanzel Lacida - Google Ads PPC and CMO Consultant

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1. Where were you born and raised, and can you share something unique about yourself?

Born and raised in Cebu, Philippines. Unique to me is my passion for exploring new places and cultures, a deep-seated love for anime, and an obsession with the latest tech gadgets. Additionally, my early exposure to the marketing world through my father's traditional marketing agency in the early '90s has given me a unique blend of traditional and digital marketing insights. This early start in the marketing realm has significantly shaped my professional path and personal interests.


2. What sparked your interest in marketing, and how did you embark on your journey?

My marketing journey truly began in 2009 when I stumbled upon Google AdWords and utilized a $100 credit to run an advertising campaign. This experiment, where I used my personal Facebook page URL as the landing page, sparked my interest in digital marketing. Seeing my customized ads linked to my Facebook page appear in Google search results was a pivotal moment, bridging my early experiences in traditional marketing with the emerging digital landscape. This blend of traditional and digital marketing exposure has propelled me to specialize in Google Ads and expand my expertise across various PPC platforms, aiming to become the best fractional CMO in Paid Advertising.


3. What skills and sectors do you specialize in within the marketing industry?

With over 15 years of combined experience influenced by my early exposure to my father's traditional marketing agency and my subsequent dive into digital marketing, I specialize in Google Ads and PPC, SEO as a secondary focus, and marketing strategies and management in an agency setting as a third. I have driven revenue growth up to $1,000,000 on each client through targeted advertising campaigns that exceeded $2,000 over advertising spending in eCommerce and local business. My career highlights include achieving remarkable ROAS for eCommerce clients and leading successful targeted advertising campaigns for local businesses, showcasing my ability to blend traditional marketing foundations with digital innovation.


4. What is your strongest soft skill?

Resilience is my strongest soft skill, fueled by the challenges and evolution of the digital marketing landscape. This skill has been essential in navigating the transition from traditional to digital marketing, allowing me to continuously innovate and adapt my strategies to meet the changing needs of my clients and the market.


5. Which software and tools are integral to your daily operations?

Key tools in my daily operations include Google Analytics 4, Google Ads, SEMrush, Zoom, and Data Studio. These tools support my goal of providing impactful marketing solutions and maintaining effective communication with clients and teams, in line with my aspirations to excel in paid advertising and strategic marketing leadership.


6. What are your professional goals for the next year and beyond?

My primary goal is to become the top fractional CMO in Paid Advertising, leveraging my unique background in both traditional and digital marketing. I aim to deepen my expertise in PPC platforms and technologies, enhancing my ability to offer strategic marketing leadership that drives substantial growth for businesses.


7. What has been the most challenging aspect of your career,

and how did you overcome it?

Adapting from the traditional marketing strategies of the early '90s to the rapidly evolving digital marketing landscape presented significant challenges. My foundation in traditional marketing, combined with my proactive dive into digital marketing through platforms like Google AdWords, allowed me to bridge these two worlds effectively. This blend of experiences has been crucial in developing innovative marketing strategies that resonate in today's digital age.


8. What is one mistake you've learned from in your career that you'd

advise others to avoid?

One critical lesson I've learned is the importance of a targeted approach in digital marketing. My early experiment with Google AdWords, using a personal Facebook page as a landing page, taught me the value of strategic planning and targeting in digital campaigns. I advise others to carefully consider their campaign strategies and target audiences to maximize the impact and efficiency of their digital marketing efforts.


9. Who are the professionals in the industry you look up to?

I admire professionals who have seamlessly integrated traditional marketing principles with digital innovations. Leaders like Rand Fishkin, Neil Patel, and Gary Vaynerchuk, who have excelled in merging SEO, digital marketing strategies, and social media marketing, inspire my journey toward becoming a leading fractional CMO in Paid Advertising.


10. Who has been the most influential person in your marketing career so far?

The most influential person in my marketing career has been my father. His work in traditional marketing during the early '90s provided me with a foundational understanding of marketing principles, which I have built upon with my digital marketing expertise. This unique blend of influences has shaped my approach and ambitions in the field.


11. What has been your favorite course or resource for learning about marketing, and why?

My learning is greatly influenced by channels such as Surfside PPC, Ed Leake, Neil Patel and The Paid Search Podcast.


12. What advice would you give to someone just starting out in marketing?

I would encourage newcomers to embrace both traditional and digital marketing principles. Understanding the foundational strategies of traditional marketing, coupled with the dynamic tactics of digital marketing, can provide a comprehensive skill set that is invaluable in today's market. Continuous learning and adaptation are key to success in this evolving field.


13. If the entire world was listening, what message would you want to convey?

Embrace the journey of learning and adaptation. Whether it's transitioning from traditional to digital marketing or exploring new personal interests, the process of continuous growth and innovation can lead to fulfilling experiences and significant achievements, both professionally and personally.


14. Where can people find you online?

Visit my websites for detailed case studies and strategies showcasing my approach to driving growth and maximizing online visibility for businesses. 

You can also explore my online presence through the following websites: