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    Hire a Google Ads PPC Manager in The Philippines

  • Are you seeking a significant boost in your Google Ads Conversions? Do you wish to see a surge in leads and sales that genuinely make a difference for your business? Let's make that happen! An Adept Google Ads Manager, here to take your ad campaigns to new heights.

    Why Partner with Me for Google Ads Management?
    Convert Clicks to Customers:

    • Specializing in Google Ads, I have a track record of transforming campaigns into conversion powerhouses. Whether you're looking for more leads or increased sales, I'm here to make it happen.

    Find the Perfect Keywords:

    • No more guesswork or wasted spend. I delve deep into market research to identify the keywords and search terms that resonate with your target audience, ensuring relevance and impact.

    Save Time, Amplify Results:

    • Overwhelmed with the complexities of managing your ads? Let me take the wheel. I provide comprehensive Google Ads management, allowing you to focus on what you do best – running your business.

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    Month of December 2022 (Latest)


    Niche: (NDA with Client)

    Total Performance (1-month Ongoing Since 2021)

    > Ad Spend: $1,503.68

    > Conversion Value: $22,732.28

    > ROAS: 1,511.8%

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    February 2020 - January 2022

    Certified Google Ads Professional


    Google Partner Manager Account


    Total Performance (23 Months)

    > Ad Spend: $129,000

    > Conversion Value: $804,000

    > ROAS: 623%

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    "If we target the

    right audience,

    sales come after."



    Increase Your Sales.

    Increase your Conversions.

    Increase your Phone Calls Leads.

  • Skills & Abilities

    Things I've picked up over the years


    Project Management

    YouTube Ads

    PPC Management

    Keyword Research

    Ads Optimization

    A/B Split Test

    Google Data Studio Reporting or LookerStudio

    TikTok Advertising

    Twitter Advertising

    Facebook Ads

    Linkedin ads

    Instagram Ads

    Improved CRO

    Article / Content Writing

    Content Marketing

    More Skills and Tools

    Google Merchant Center Troubleshooting
    Google Auction Insights

    Facebook Insights

    Google Analytics Insights

    Google Tag Manager

    Competitor Analyst

    Monthly Campaign Audit Report


    Conversion Rate Optimization

    Wealth Management Skills

    Investing Stock Markets

    Investing in Crypto
    Traditional Marketing Before 2000



    Other Skills & Achievement

    Diploma in Financial Trading & Investment
    Diploma in English for Business

    Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing

    Social Media Marketing: Strategy & Optimization

    Selling & Marketing Your Products on Amazon

    Online Marketing Foundations

    SEO Foundations: Link Building in Depth
    SEO Badge

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